Monday, 17 December 2012

Philips - The Plus Project Singapore

Vote Now! For any of the 5 Health and Well- Being Concepts that Resonates Most Your Community

With the launch of the plus project Singapore, Philips wishes to hear from you about your thoughts on the plus project. By taking part of this project, Philips aims to provide impressive ideas and people-centric solutions to the health and well-being concerns faced by Singaporeans.

Tan Yong Seng, Chairman of the People's Association Active Aging Council (PAAAC) supports the '+' project since it harmonizes the health and well being process that inspires Singaporeans in voting for the five concepts in improving their quality of life". Helping individuals improve their lives as soon as possible is Philip's primary goal.

This campaign features a remarkably interactive online application and aims to gather votes from social media sites on health and well being concerns.

Five Ideas Proposed by The ‘+’ Project by Philips in Singapore
Vote Now!

How it Works!

1. Log on to
2. Take the survey
3. Then vote for your favourite idea
4. Enter your details to join the lucky draw
5. Double your chances of winning by sharing the survey with your friends
6. Stand to win weekly prizes and a grand prize!

Join the conversations on Twitter with #SGPlus. For more information on The ‘+’ Project by Philips in Singapore and on the survey, visit

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Philips Seeks Votes Using Social Media

World consumer electronics business Philips Singapore launches a Singapore edition of a voting campaign called the plus project which encourages everybody to vote for one of the five ideas that will improve the Singaporeans quality of life.

For 2 months, Philips will run a web based survey to get Singaporeans be involve in a voting campaign ranging from breastfeeding programmes to country wide picnics – which make them believe that it would contribute a healthier life and a happier urban population. The ‘+’ project, is aimed to help Philips in fulfilling its mission of improving the lives of three billion people in the year 2025.

Philips Asean Pacific Chief Executive Harjit Grill said “We can only achieve these innovations if what we provide are relevant. To succeed, we need to engage to the community and learn from the people. We need to ask people, what can we do to improve their quality of life?”

Philips provides an interesting way of establishing an actual successful concept once it is announced in December and will invest a budget of US$50,000 to get it started.
The five alternatives, which were created from community partners such as Angeline Wee – Yew, vice president of the Singapore breastfeeding mothers support group are:

•    National picnic days featuring celebrity chefs and fitness activities;
•    Community trainings in CPR and emergency reponse equipment; and Mothers’ corners that provide advice and comfortable spaces for breastfeeding.
•    Healthier schools programmes for improved learning environments
•    Parenting workshops to enhance skills and reduce family stress.

For two weeks of the campaign, members of the public can also help improve the 5 ideas by searching for the plus project campaign on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform and add comments to the conversation.